Simms vs Patagonia Waders for Fishing: Eleven Significant Differences

Simms vs Patagonia Waders for Fishing: 11 Significant Differences

Fishing requires proper gear for enjoying a successful day out on the water. A good pair of waders is an essential piece of equipment for any angler. Simms and Patagonia have competed for years claiming to be the best. But which one reigns supreme?

Although Simms and Patagonia both offer quality products with unique features, Simms waders use 3-layer Gore-Tex construction, while Patagonia waders use h2No fabric. Also, Simms waders focus on durability, while Patagonia waders prioritize breathability and comfort.

Today we will discuss the differences between Simms and Patagonia waders, giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision. We will discuss the durability of Simms waders, answering the burning question of whether they are worth the hefty price tag.

So grab your fishing gear and prepare for an exciting comparison of waders!

Differences Between Simms and Patagonia Waders for Fishing

Differences Between Simms and Patagonia Waders for Fishing

When comparing Simms and Patagonia waders for fishing, there are several key points to consider. However, the fabric differences between these two brands are the most noticeable.

  • Fabric differences
  • Country Origin
  • Construction layers
  • Breathability and comfort
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Durability and lifespan
  • Storage options and convenience
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Anatomically curved knees
  • Internal suspension system
  • Price comparison

Fabric Differences:

Although both Simms and Patagonia waders utilize advanced fabrics, Simms utilizes Gore-Tex construction while Patagonia uses their h2No fabric, resulting in different durability and water-repellency levels.

Simms waders feature a Gore-Tex construction in the upper portion, providing excellent breathability and moisture management. This fabric is known for its durability, making Simms waders more resistant to tears and punctures, ensuring a longer lifespan.

Conversely, Patagonia waders utilize their h2No fabric, a recycled polyester microfiber with impressive water repellency. This fabric is also known for its durability, although it may not be as robust as Simms’ Gore-Tex construction.

Country Origin:

While both brands prioritize production standards, there is a difference in their country of origin. Simms waders are proudly made in the USA at the Simms Montana factory, ensuring they adhere to strict quality control measures. 

Conversely, Patagonia waders are made in Vietnam but still maintain the same high production standards.

Layer Construction:

Constructed with multiple layers for added durability and breathability, these waders are built like a fortress to withstand any fishing adventure.

Simms waders feature a 3-layer construction in the upper portion, providing a balance of flexibility and protection. The 4 layers in the lower portion ensure maximum durability in high-wear areas.

Patagonia waders take it further with a 4-layer, 6.6-ounce H2No fabric in the upper portion. This lightweight material offers excellent breathability, keeping you comfortable even during long days on the water.

The lower portion of Patagonia waders boasts a 4-layer, 9.4-ounce H2No fabric. This heavier construction adds extra durability, perfect for navigating rugged terrain and abrasive conditions.

Breathability and Comfort:

When staying cool and comfortable on warm fishing days, you’ll love how these waders let your legs breathe without sacrificing durability or performance. Simms waders are designed with superior fit and comfort in mind, but their breathability can be limited on hot days.

In contrast, thanks to their innovative features, Patagonia waders excel in providing breathability and comfort. The quick-release suspender system allows easy adjustment and ventilation, ensuring you stay cool throughout your fishing trip.

The foam knee pads and anatomically curved knees provide added comfort and flexibility, allowing you to move freely without any restrictions. Also, the Merino wool-lined booties offer softness and insulation, while the internal suspension system further supports anglers.

With Patagonia Waders, you can enjoy a comfortable and breathable fishing experience, even on the warmest days.

FeatureSimms WadersPatagonia Waders
BreathabilityLimited on warm daysExcellent for staying cool
ComfortSuperior fit and comfortQuick-release suspender system, foam knee pads, anatomically curved knees, merino wool-lined booties, and internal suspension system provide further support and comfort for anglers.

Lightweight and Flexible:

Lightweight and Flexible

Patagonia waders are designed with lightweight (up to 16-OZ) and flexible h2No fabric materials, specifically engineered to enhance your fishing experience. Unlike Simms waders, which are not specified as lightweight (Gore-Tex are heavy) and flexible, Patagonia waders prioritize your comfort and mobility on the water.

The lightweight construction of Patagonia waders allows for easy movement and agility. The flexibility of the materials ensures that you can bend, stretch, and cast without any restrictions. This is especially important when navigating rough terrain or making quick and precise fishing movements.

Durability and Lifespan:

Simms waders are designed with built-in gravel guards, providing excellent abrasion resistance and minimizing potential leaks. Furthermore, they offer a warranty that covers leaks and repairs within the first year, ensuring that any issues will be addressed promptly.

On the other hand, Patagonia waders are constructed with a single-seam design, reducing wear zones and enhancing overall durability. This innovative construction technique enhances the wader’s lifespan and ensures it remains comfortable throughout extended fishing trips.

Storage Options and Convenience:

Simms waders come equipped with an interior pocket that has a zipper, allowing you to store your valuables while you fish securely. Also, the Air-mesh suspender system ensures a comfortable fit, while the Tippet tender attachments offer easy access to your Tippet spools.

On the other hand, Patagonia waders feature two drop-in pockets that are perfect for storing small items like flies or a fishing license. They also have a waterproof flip-out pocket, ideal for keeping your essentials dry and protected.

Eco-Friendly Materials:

Regarding the materials used in their waders, Simms falls short regarding sustainability. They do not utilize eco-friendly materials, so their production process may hurt the environment.

Conversely, Patagonia waders are designed with a commitment to sustainability. Using recycled polyester microfiber, Patagonia ensures that their waders are durable and high-performing and contribute to reducing waste and conserving resources.

This dedication to eco-friendly materials aligns with Patagonia’s overall mission of creating products that minimize environmental harm. To give you a visual representation of the difference in materials used, here is a comparison table:

Simms WadersPatagonia Waders
Non-eco-friendly materialsRecycled polyester microfiber
Negative environmental impactSustainable production
Limited sustainability effortsCommitment to reducing waste
Lesser focus on conservationAlignment with eco-friendly mission
Potentially harmful to the planetEnvironmentally responsible choice

Anatomically Curved Knees:

With anatomically curved knees, you’ll feel a natural and comfortable fit in these waders, allowing easy fishing movement. Patagonia waders excel in this aspect, as they’re designed with a deep understanding of the angler’s needs.

The curved knees provide a more ergonomic fit, conforming to the natural shape of your legs and enhancing overall comfort. This feature is particularly beneficial when kneeling or crouching while casting or maneuvering through uneven terrain.

The flexibility of the waders is further enhanced by the anatomically curved knees, allowing you to move with agility and grace.

Internal Suspension System:

While Simms waders don’t specify having an internal suspension system, Patagonia waders take angler support and comfort to the next level with this innovative feature.

Designed with the angler in mind, the internal suspension system in Patagonia waders is meticulously crafted to provide optimal support and alleviate strain during long hours on the water.

This system works by distributing the weight of the waders evenly across your body, reducing fatigue and allowing unrestricted movement.

Price Comparison:

Consider the price comparison between two leading brands of waders, allowing you to find the perfect pair for your angling adventures.

When looking at Simms and Patagonia waders, options are available for different budgets and needs. Simms offers standard waders priced at $700, providing excellent quality and performance. Simms also offers the Veil Camo version at $750 if you want something more exclusive.

On the other hand, Patagonia offers their Swiftcurrent waders priced at $549, which are a great choice for anglers on a tighter budget. For those who require a more durable and robust option, the Swiftcurrent Expedition waders are available at $699.

What to do with waders after fishing?

What to do with waders after fishing

Once you’ve finished fishing, properly care for your waders to maintain their longevity. Here are four steps to take to ensure your waders stay in top condition:

  1. Rinse off any dirt or debris: Use cold water to gently rinse your waders, paying extra attention to areas that may have come into contact with fish slime or mud. This will help prevent stains and odors from setting in.
  2. Hang dry your waders: After rinsing, hang your waders in a well-ventilated area to air dry. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or high heat, which can damage the materials. Hanging them upside down will help water drain out more effectively.
  3. Check for leaks: Before storing your waders, look closely for any signs of leaks or damage. Repair any small holes or tears using a wader repair kit to prevent them from worsening.
  4. Store properly: Once dry, fold your waders neatly and store them in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing them in a tightly packed bag or in a damp area, as this can lead to mold or mildew growth.

How durable are Simms waders for fishing?

If you’re wondering whether Simms waders are worth the price, the truth is that their durability for fishing is unmatched. The unique design of Simms’ waders, with seams in the front rather than the sides, ensures that areas prone to wear and tear are protected even in the toughest fishing conditions.

Whether you’re climbing over logs, navigating brushy approaches, or encountering rocks and gravel, these waders can handle it all. The front seam placement reduces rubbing and extends the lifespan of the waders, making them a wise investment for any avid angler.

Can I put Simms waders in the dryer?

Never make the mistake of putting your beloved Simms waders in the dryer unless you want to risk ruining their durability and voiding your warranty. The heat from the dryer can adversely affect the seam tape of your waders, compromising their ability to keep you dry during fishing trips.

Simms waders are known for their exceptional durability, but subjecting them to the heat of a dryer can weaken the seam tape, leading to potential leaks and reduced lifespan. To ensure the longevity of your Simms waders, it’s recommended to air dry them instead.

Are Simms Waders worth the price?

You won’t regret investing in Simms Waders. They’re worth every penny and will leave you satisfied and ready to take on any adventure. With a lifespan of around six seasons or more, Simms waders have proven their durability and reliability in the fishing community.

The high price tag is justified by the exceptional quality and performance you can expect from these waders. Simms uses top-notch materials and advanced technology to ensure their waders are comfortable and highly functional.

How long do Patagonia waders last?

Take good care of your high-end Patagonia waders and they can last up to 10 years, providing you with countless days of fishing adventures. Patagonia is known for its top-quality products, and its waders are no exception. With proper maintenance and regular cleaning, these waders can withstand the test of time.

It’s important to rinse them thoroughly after each use, removing any dirt or debris that may have accumulated. Hang them up to dry in a well-ventilated area, avoiding direct sunlight. Regularly inspect the waders for any signs of wear and tear, such as punctures or leaks, and promptly repair them to prolong their lifespan.

How can I store Patagonia waders after fishing?

How can I store Patagonia waders after fishing

After a successful day of fishing with your trusted Patagonia waders, store them to ensure their longevity properly. Patagonia waders are known for their durability, but proper care is crucial.

To start, make sure your waders are completely dry before storing them. This can be achieved by turning them inside out and allowing them to air dry in a cool, dry place. Avoid leaving them to direct sunlight or extreme heat, which can damage the material.

Once dry, fold your fishing waders nicely and keep them in a warm, dry place. Avoid placing any heavy objects on top of them, as this can cause unnecessary stress on the seams.

Carefully Choose Between Simms and Patagonia Waders: Durability and Quality Assured

Make a wise choice for your fishing adventures by selecting between Simms and Patagonia Waders. While Simms waders may come with a higher price tag, they’re known for their durability and worth the investment. You can trust that these waders will last you for many fishing adventures.

Patagonia waders offer excellent quality and longevity, and proper storage after use them will help prolong their lifespan. Regardless of your choice, both brands offer top-notch options for your fishing needs. So grab your waders and get ready to conquer the waters.

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