Tenkara Rod Co vs Tenkara USA Fishing Rod

Tenkara Rod Co vs Tenkara USA Fishing Rod: 4 Primary Differences to Consider

Tenkara Rod Co and Tenkara USA are two well-known companies that provide Tenkara fishing gear and accessories. While they both cater to the Tenkara fishing community, several key differences exist between them.

Tenkara Rod Co is based in Japan, where Tenkara fishing has been a tradition for hundreds of years. They primarily produce Tenkara rods made from carbon fiber, cork, and aluminum.

Tenkara USA is an entirely autonomous business with its headquarters in the USA. These rods are made from different materials, including nylon, bamboo, and carbon fiber.

We’ll explore the primary differences between Tenkara Rod Co & Tenkara USA rods, guide you on selecting the proper Tenkara rod, and provide insights on the best Tenkara line for beginners. So, let’s discover the world of Tenkara fishing.

Differences Between Tenkara Rod Co & Tenkara USA Fishing Rod

Differences Between Tenkara Rod Co & Tenkara USA Fishing Rod

When comparing the Tenkara Rod Co and Tenkara USA fishing rods, there are several key points to consider. These include:

  • Company origin and history
  • Material of rods
  • Cost variation
  • Weight variation

Let’s go over each difference in more detail:

1. Company Origin and History

Tenkara Rod Co and Tenkara USA have distinct origins and histories. There has been a tradition of Tenkara fishing in Japan for hundreds of years, which is the origin of Tenkara Rod Co. They have a deep-rooted history in the sport and a strong connection to its traditional Japanese origins.

Tenkara USA, on the other hand, was established in 2009 by Daniel W. Galhardo. He learned about Tenkara in 2007 during his research on Japanese fishing traditions. Tenkara USA is the first company to offer Tenkara rods outside of Japan, making it a pioneer in introducing the sport to the international market.

2. Material of Rods

Regarding Tenkara rods, there are various materials to choose from, but two companies stand out for their quality products. The first one is Tenkara Rod Co., known for its professional approach to producing carbon fiber, cork, and aluminum rods.

Carbon fiber is the material of choice due to its durability and lightness, which every angler looks for in their gear. The cork handle provides comfort and a better grip, while the aluminum components increase strength and durability. 

Conversely, Tenkara USA is a conversational and informative brand offering high-quality rods made from various materials, including bamboo, nylon, and carbon fiber. Bamboo rods are admired for their traditional charm and aesthetics, giving anglers a unique experience different from modern rods.

3. Cost Variation

The cost variation between the two brands can be a consideration for anglers on a budget. Tenkara Rod Co typically offers more affordable options due to their Japanese heritage and long-standing tradition in Tenkara fishing. For example, their KITA ROD is priced at $220.00.

On the other hand, Tenkara USA tends to have higher-priced options. Their SATO™ is priced at $250.00. While the price difference may not be substantial, it can still be a factor to consider for budget-conscious anglers.

Both brands provide quality products, but if cost is a significant consideration for you, then Tenkara Rod Co. may be the better choice.

4. Weight Variation

When comparing the two brands, anglers should consider the weight variation of the rods. Tenkara Rod Co. focuses on lightweight design, which is crucial for Tenkara fishing. Their KITA ROD, weighing only 2.1 oz, offers ease of handling for extended periods.

Alternatively, Tenkara USA also offers lightweight options, but some of their rods, like the SATO rod, weigh slightly more at 2.9 oz. The weight of the rod can significantly impact your control and comfort during fishing.

A lighter rod may be preferable for longer fishing trips, reducing fatigue and improving maneuverability. However, a slightly heavier rod may provide more stability and power when dealing with larger fish.

How to Select the Proper Tenkara Rod Co?

How to Select the Proper Tenkara Rod Co

When selecting the proper Tenkara rod, there are a few key points to consider.

Variety of Tenkara Rods

Tenkara Rod Co. offers a range of six different Tenkara rods, each designed with specific features to cater to different fishing preferences and conditions.

The variety of Tenkara rods allows you to choose the perfect rod for your fishing needs. Whether you prefer fishing in small streams or larger rivers, there is a rod that suits your style.

The shorter rods, such as the Sato and the Rhodo, are ideal for tight spaces and small fish. On the other hand, if you plan on targeting larger fish or fishing in more open areas, longer rods like the Ito and the Amago would be a better fit.

Consider Your Fishing Environment

Consider your fishing environment when selecting a Tenkara rod. Water size, target fish, and terrain greatly impact your rod choice. If you’re fishing in small, narrow streams with tight casting conditions, you’ll want a shorter and more flexible rod that can maneuver easily.

Additionally, if you’re fishing in larger bodies of water with more open space, a longer rod will allow you to reach farther distances and cover more ground.

The type of fish you’re targeting also influences your rod selection. Smaller fish like trout require lighter and more delicate rods, while larger fish like bass or pike demand stronger and sturdier rods.

Rod Length

To maximize your fishing experience, longer rods are ideal for larger bodies of water. When fishing in expansive lakes or rivers, having a longer rod allows you to cast your line further and cover more water. This is especially important when targeting fish far away from the shore or in deeper waters.

Longer rods provide the necessary leverage to make longer and more accurate casts, increasing your chances of hooking that big catch. Also, longer rods give you better control over your line, allowing you to manipulate it more effectively and navigate through different currents.

While shorter rods are more convenient in tight spaces or smaller streams, a longer rod is the way to go if you’re fishing in larger bodies of water.

Rod Action

If you want a more sensitive and responsive fishing experience, use a medium-action rod. This rod type is a good balance between slow and fast actions. A medium action rod flexes more than a fast action rod but less than a slow action rod.

Casting provides enough flexibility to feel the fish’s movements and allows for better control. The medium action also helps in casting accuracy, allowing for a more controlled and precise fly delivery.

Line Choice

The line choice greatly affects casting and presentation, so it’s important to consider factors like length and material. Tenkara fishing lines come in different types, each with benefits and characteristics. The length of the line can impact the distance and accuracy of your cast and your control over the fly.

Shorter lines are ideal for smaller streams and tighter spaces, while longer lines are better for larger bodies of water. The material also plays a role in line performance. Nylon lines are versatile and provide good control, while fluorocarbon lines are more invisible to fish but may not have the same level of control.

How to Choose a Rod from Tenkara USA?

When choosing a rod from Tenkara USA, several key points must be considered.

Understanding the Options

To make an informed choice, you should compare different rods Tenkara USA offers. Understanding the options available will help you find the perfect rod for your needs.

Tenkara USA offers a range of rods designed for specific purposes and preferences. For example, the Sato rod is versatile and can be adjusted to three lengths, making it ideal for different fishing conditions. On the other hand, the Iwana rod is lightweight and sensitive, perfect for delicate presentations.

Consider Fishing Environment

Now that you understand the options available, consider the fishing environment where you’ll use your Tenkara rod. The type of water you plan to tackle will greatly impact your rod choice.

For small streams, you’ll want a lightweight and agile rod, allowing you to navigate tight spaces and cast accurately. Look for rods with a shorter length and a delicate action.

Conversely, if you’ll be fishing in larger rivers or lakes, you’ll need a rod with more power and reach. Longer rods will allow you to cast further and control larger fish.

Length and Flexibility

Choosing a rod length and flexibility that suits your fishing needs is important. Tenkara rods come in various lengths, each with its own advantages.

Longer rods provide better control and reach, enabling you to cast further and easily navigate obstacles. They are ideal for fishing in larger rivers or when you must cast across long distances.

Meanwhile, shorter rods are more maneuverable in tight spaces, making them perfect for smaller streams or fishing in narrow areas with overhanging branches or vegetation.

Flexibility also plays a role in rod selection. Stiffer rods are better suited for windy conditions and larger fish, while more flexible rods can absorb shock and provide a delicate presentation for smaller fish.

Targeted Fish Species

When choosing a rod for specific fish species, you’ll want to consider their size and behavior.

The Tenkara rod from Tenkara USA is a great option for smaller fish like trout. This rod is lightweight and flexible, making it easy to cast and control. It allows for precise presentations and delicate fly placements, which is important when targeting trout in streams and rivers.

Conversely, if you want to catch larger fish like bass or panfish, the Tenkara rod from Tenkara Rod Co may be more suitable. This rod is designed to handle heavier fish and provides the strength and backbone needed to land them.

Personal Preferences

Your fishing style and preferences will greatly influence the type of rod you choose. When selecting a fishing rod, consider how you like to fish and what kind of presentation you prefer.

Some anglers prefer a stiffer rod that gives precision casting more power and accuracy. This rod type is ideal for targeting larger fish or casting in windy conditions.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more delicate presentation, you may opt for a more flexible rod. A flexible rod allows for a softer fly landing on the water, which can be beneficial when enticing skittish or easily spooked fish.

What is the best Tenkara line for beginner anglers

What is the best Tenkara line for beginner anglers

The most suitable Tenkara line for beginner anglers would be the Furled Tenkara Line. It is the heaviest and easiest to learn casting on. The weight of the line helps to provide better control and stability, making it ideal for those just starting in Tenkara fishing.

Furled construction of the line also adds to its ease of use. It allows for smoother casts and better presentation of the fly. Additionally, the furled line has a longer lifespan than other Tenkara lines, making it a cost-effective choice for beginners.

What size rod is best for Tenkara fishing?

The best size rod for Tenkara fishing is typically around 12 feet long. This length balances reach and control, allowing you to cast and maneuver your line precisely and effectively.

A 12-foot rod is versatile enough to handle various fishing conditions, whether you’re fly fishing in Tennessee or any other places in small streams or larger rivers. It offers enough length to reach over obstacles and effectively present your fly to the fish.

Also, a 12-foot rod provides a comfortable casting distance without being too cumbersome. It allows for accurate presentations and delicate fly placement, crucial in Tenkara fishing.

Can I catch big fish on a Tenkara rod?

You can catch large fish on a Tenkara rod, as they can land pretty large fish. There have been reports of anglers catching 29-inch pike, 7-lb bass, salmon, and even carp using Tenkara rods.

These rods may be lightweight and compact, but don’t let that fool you. They are designed to handle the power and fight of larger fish. You can successfully land big fish on a Tenkara rod with the right technique and proper rod selection.

How much tippet should I use on the Tenkara fishing rod?

Adding 4 feet of tippet to the main line is typical in Tenkara fishing. However, you can also use anywhere from 3 to 6 feet of tippet, depending on your preference and the conditions of the stream you are fishing in.

Shorter lengths of tippet, like 3 feet, are useful in smaller and tighter streams, where you need more precision and control over your presentation. Furthermore, longer lengths of tippet, up to 6 feet, can be helpful when fishing in streams or when you need to cast a bit further.

Tenkara Rod Co or Tenkara USA: Choose the Perfect Tenkara Fishing Rod According to Your Needs

Choosing between Tenkara Rod Co and Tenkara USA fishing rods ultimately depends on your preferences and fishing needs.

Both brands offer high-quality rods, but Tenkara Rod Co may be more suitable for beginners due to its affordability and simplicity. In contrast, Tenkara USA provides more rod options for experienced anglers.

Regardless of your choice, remember to select the proper Tenkara rod based on your fishing location and target species. Also, consider using a beginner-friendly Tenkara line and adjusting your tippet length accordingly.

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