PENN Fierce vs Pursuit Fishing Reels

PENN Fierce vs Pursuit Fishing Reels: 5 Key Differences

As a passionate angler, choosing the right spinning reel can make all the difference in boosting your fishing experience. PENN Fierce and PENNPursuit are two of the market’s most popular spinning reel series. These two series have unique features and designs that cater to different fishing needs.

PENN Fierce reels usually have a full metal body and side plate, while Pursuit reels have lightweight graphite bodies. As far as budget-friendliness and accessibility are concerned, Pursuit is a low-range option that offers more advanced features than Fierce.

This article will compare the features of PENN Fierce and Pursuit spinning reels, their construction and material to price. If you want the best spinning reel for your fishing needs, keep reading to discover the primary differences.

Primary Differences Between PENN Fierce vs Pursuit Spinning Reels for Fishing

Primary Differences Between PENN Fierce vs Pursuit Spinning Reels for Fishing

When comparing PENN Fierce and PENN Pursuit spinning reels for fishing, these differences should be considered:

  • Construction and materials
  • Gear ratio
  • Weight and size
  • Maximum drug capacity
  • Price

Construction and Materials

Regarding construction and materials, the PENN Fierce outperforms the Pursuit series with its full metal body and side plates. The Fierce reels are built with higher-quality materials, making them more durable and long-lasting.

Conversely, the Pursuit series features a lightweight, corrosion-resistant graphite body and side plate. This is suitable for anglers looking for a lighter option that is easy to handle.

Gear Ratio

PENN Pursuit reels come in three gear ratios, while the PENN Fierce offers an additional option. The Pursuit series offers a slower retrieval rate of up to 5.6:1, while the Fierce series provides a faster rate of up to 6.2:1. The Fierce series also offers a lower gear ratio of 5.2:1, which is perfect for anglers targeting larger fish.

Weight and Size

The PENN Fierce series is the winner regarding weight and size, giving anglers more options to match their needs. Fierce reels range in weight from 7.8 to 28.70z, while the Pursuit series is slightly lighter at 9.8-21.40oz.

Also, the Fierce series offers eight size options ranging from size 1000 to size 8000, while the Pursuit series offers six size options from size 2500 to 8000.

Maximum Drag Capacity

The maximum drag capacity of a spinning reel determines its ability to handle larger and stronger fish. The PENN Fierce series has a higher maximum drag capacity, ranging from 9lb to 30lb, making it ideal for anglers targeting bigger fish. 

However, the PENN Pursuit series offers a maximum drag capacity of 10-25 lbs, which is still impressive and suitable for most fishing situations.


The PENN Pursuit series is a more budget-friendly option for anglers looking for a quality spinning reel but do not want to break the bank. Alternatively, the PENN Fierce series is a mid-range option for experienced anglers who don’t mind spending more.

What to Consider When Choosing a Spinning Fishing Reel from PENN?

Several important points must be considered when selecting a fishing spinning reel from PENN fierce or pursuit.

1. Fishing Technique and Species

Consider your target species and preferred fishing technique when choosing a PENN fierce or PENN pursuit spinning fishing reel. Different species of fish require different techniques and equipment.

For example, a lighter and more sensitive PENN pursuit reel may be suitable for targeting smaller fish like trout or panfish. But if you’re going after larger game fish like tuna or marlin, you’ll need a strong drag system and a larger line capacity reel like PENN fierce.

2. Reel Size

When considering reel size, consider the type of fishing you’ll be doing and the size of the fish you’ll target. Smaller PENN pursuit reel sizes and smaller fish species are ideal for ultralight fishing. Lightweight and small line capacity make these reels perfect for finesse fishing for trout or panfish.

A reel in the 3000 to 4000 range would be more appropriate for medium-sized fish. These reels offer a good balance between line capacity and weight. But if you’re targeting larger, more powerful fish, you’ll want a reel in the 5000 to 8000 range, such as PENN fierce.

3. Line Capacity

If you’re unsure which spinning fishing reel from PENN to choose, consider each reel’s line capacity to ensure it meets your fishing needs. You should consider this because if you select a reel with a low line capacity, you may run out of line when fighting a fish or casting long distances.

On the other hand, if you choose a reel with a high line capacity, you may end up carrying excess lines that you don’t need, which can affect the performance of your reel.

4. Drag System

The drag system is responsible for controlling the amount of resistance when a fish pulls on the line. Having a reel with a smooth and reliable drag system is crucial, as it can make a big difference in your ability to land the fish.

PENN fierce & pursuit reels are equipped with HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers, which provide excellent stopping power and durability. This drag system can handle the power of the target fish, ensuring you have enough control to fight and land your catch.

5. Gear Ratio

The gear ratio determines how fast the line is retrieved with each handle turn. A higher gear ratio, such as 6:1, means the spool rotates six times for every handle turn, resulting in a faster line retrieval. This is ideal for fast-paced techniques like jigging or when you must quickly bring in your catch.

Conversely, a lower gear ratio, such as 5:1, provides more power for fighting big fish. It allows for more torque and slower line retrieval, making handling larger and stronger fish easier.

6. Ball Bearings

The PENN Fierce and Pursuit spinning reels feature 4 sealed stainless steel ball bearings, ensuring smooth casting and retrieval. The sealed stainless steel construction provides excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring the longevity and durability of the reel.

Also, these ball bearings are designed to minimize friction and provide a fluid motion, allowing for effortless line management.

7. Additional Features

To fully enhance your fishing experience, PENN spinning fishing reels offer additional features and options. These features can greatly improve your fishing performance and make fishing trips more enjoyable.

  • One important feature is the instant Anti-Reverse bearing, which prevents the handle from turning backward when you hook a fish.
  • Another feature to consider is the line capacity rings, which allow you to easily monitor how many lines you have left on your reel.
  • Also, certain PENN spinning reel models, such as the LL models, have the Live Liner feature, allowing you to switch between a regular drag and a free-spool mode easily.
  • Furthermore, the Techno-Balanced rotor provides smooth and balanced retrieves, reducing wobbling or vibrations during reeling.
  • Some PENN spinning reels also come with an aluminum spool, which is lightweight yet durable, providing optimal casting performance.
  • Lastly, certain PENN spinning reel models offer interchangeable handles, allowing you to customize the reel to your preferred handle style.

Is the PENN Pursuit good for surf fishing?

Is the PENN Pursuit good for surf fishing

If you’re looking for a reliable spinning reel for surf fishing, the Penn Pursuit is a great option. Combined with a 10ft surf rod, it provides a fantastic feel and smooth reeling experience.

The drag on the Penn Pursuit is also very strong, essential when battling big fish in the surf. This reel is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of saltwater fishing, making it a durable choice for surf anglers.

How much lines can a PENN Fierce hold?

The line capacity of the Penn Fierce reel varies depending on the size and type of line used. If you prefer using a braid, the size 1000 reel can hold up to 160 yards of 6lb braid. Conversely, the 8000 reel has a much larger capacity, capable of holding 345 yards of 80lb braid.

How Much Drag Does Penn Pursuit Have?

The Penn Pursuit spinning reel has a powerful drag that ranges from 10 lbs to 25 lbs, allowing you to handle even the largest and most aggressive fish. With its HT-100 drag washers, the Pursuit reel provides smooth and consistent drag performance.

This wide range of drag options ensures you can adjust the drag according to the size and strength of your target fish.

Upgrade Your Fishing Experience with PENN Fierce or Pursuit Spinning Reels

PENN Fierce and Pursuit spinning reels offer various options for anglers with different needs. While the Fierce series boasts higher material quality and more gear ratio options, the Pursuit series is lighter, more budget-friendly, and suitable for most recreational anglers.

Whether you aim to catch small or large fish or fish in saltwater or freshwater, a PENN spinning reel can cater to your needs. Consider your budget, preferred weight and size, and the kind of fish you intend to catch before making your purchase.

By selecting the right spinning reel, you are investing in your fishing experience and increasing your chances of a successful catch.

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